The Best & Worst Problem to Have – Packing

Picture this – you’re so excited for an upcoming trip, counting down the days before you leave. You’re thinking about cruising through your last few days of work and the small things you need to… View Post

New Orleans Trip & Recommendations

Ahh, New Orleans. No better way to start my 2018 travels than a trip to the Big Easy. The main reason I was out there was to go to Wrestlemania with my boyfriend, his brother… View Post

My “Must-Haves” For Travel

I’ve seen a couple of bloggers posting their “must-haves” for their trips, so I figured I would let you all know what I always have on me when I travel (besides the basics, of course!)… View Post

2018 Fun

2018 was a good year for me vacation-wise! I was lucky enough to travel to: New Orleans, Louisiana San Francisco & Los Angeles, California Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Orlando, Florida Some trips were my family,… View Post

Welcome to Get Up, Get Away!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Sarah, I am 26 years old and currently reside in New Jersey. The main aspect of my blog is going to be my travels: where I went/am going, what I did… View Post