Photo Book: Weekend in Philadelphia

This past weekend, my best friend and I went to Philadelphia for the Roots Picnic, but to also celebrate her birthday. Although there was some drama this weekend (including a flat tire for me and… View Post

Video: Jumping Off Waterfalls in Puerto Plata

While in Puerto Plata, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Damajagua Falls. While there, we got to hike up, jump off and slide down waterfalls! As scary as it seemed at first, it… View Post

What’s In My Bag

Since I’m a little slow on the travel currently, I thought I’d take this post a different way. Here’s what I carry around in my purse on an almost-daily basis. The Bag This is a… View Post

Traveling With a Group

As you may have seen in a past post about my trip to Cabo San Lucas, there was 13 of that went on vacation. THIRTEEN! That is a lot of people to account for. It… View Post

Airbnb vs. Hotel

As someone who has done their fair share of vacationing, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on Airbnb’s vs. Hotels. They both have pros and a few cons, but at the end of the day… View Post