My Trip to San Francisco & Los Angeles

Oh California, you have stolen a little piece of my heart. This past summer, I traveled to San Francisco and Los Angeles with two of my friends and let me tell you – we did… View Post

New Orleans Trip & Recommendations

Ahh, New Orleans. No better way to start my 2018 travels than a trip to the Big Easy. The main reason I was out there was to go to Wrestlemania with my boyfriend, his brother… View Post

My “Must-Haves” For Travel

I’ve seen a couple of bloggers posting their “must-haves” for their trips, so I figured I would let you all know what I always have on me when I travel (besides the basics, of course!)… View Post

2018 Fun

2018 was a good year for me vacation-wise! I was lucky enough to travel to: New Orleans, Louisiana San Francisco & Los Angeles, California Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Orlando, Florida Some trips were my family,… View Post